MKT Metal Mfg Inc was started almost 9 years ago by several partners who used to work for a large, full-service mechanical contractor. From that experience they learned the challenges of running a job, especially as a project manager.

MKT wants your project managers to know what service we offer to help their projects and reduce stress and phone calls from the field.

Field to Factory direct communication — MKT encourages your field personnel to communicate directly with our shop. This relieves a lot of PM’s stress. It reduces phone calls from the job site and allows field personnel to work directly with our shop. contact Ken,

Quick response and turnaround — Time is Money. MKT responds very quickly to field emergencies. Missing, damaged, wrong or adjusted items will be shipped in days, not weeks.

No “nickel and diming” of projects. MKT anticipates the occasional, unforeseen extras needed to complete a job. a contractor will not be penalized for a few additional transitions or offsets.

MKT provides “soup to nuts” in sheet metal. Rectangular, round, spiral, gasketed spiral, specialty stainless, black iron, exhaust duct, coated duct, snap lock “knock down” duct, as well as other HVAC products.

Pre-assembly — MKT will join duct together with fittings based on the customer’s request. Ideally this occurs on well-coordinated projects. This saves installation time as well as time spent sorting loose duct off the truck. MKT also install taps on single and double wall spiral duct making a nicer looking job while saving a tremendous amount of field labor.

MKT has been using quote express software since we started in 2004. QuoteExpress now offers apps for iPhones and iPads, “IQ Duct HD,” allowing field personnel to draw up necessary duct pieces and email directly to our shop. Gone are the days of drawing on pieces of drywall or 2×4’s.

MKT partners with your field crews to streamline the communication. We help the guys in the trenches so you, Mr. PM, can worry about other fires that need to be put out.