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Field to Factory Direct Communication.

MKT encourages your field personnel to communicate directly with our shop. This relieves a lot of PM’s stress. It reduces phone calls from the job site and allows field personnel to work directly with our shop.
Custom Fabrication – Cutting in Taps, custom pipe sizes, pre-assembly, contact one of our shop managers – we can help.

Trying to get ahold of us? Check our Team listing with all new direct phone numbers!

Local, quality products, supportive relationships and the personal connection make MKT Metal Manufacturing a company we want to do business with. We are new to MKT, but by touring their new facilities and seeing their upcoming operation, makes the whole process more inviting, informal and comfortable to be able to specify their products. We know if we need them, we can pick up a phone and have a familiar voice on the line to help.
Scott Fisher, Mechanical Designer and Mike Hunt, Mechanical Engineer—Moore Engineering Company, Lancaster PA

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Fixing a Leaky Roof

My college experience was more demanding than most. I competed at the Division 1 level in swimming while also completing a double major in Economics and Political Science. For me, time management was more than a suggestion, but rather a necessity. I would start my day at 5 30 a.m. and not return home until after 9 00 p.m. During the day I would have to juggle two practices, four classes, study hall, and still find time to get enough…

Fixing a Leaky Roof

Years ago Ephrata School District, Ephrata, PA, was a little disappointed to find the roof they recently replaced on Ephrata Middle School was leaking. During the same period bid requests hit the street for HVAC upgrades on the same school . Hundreds of “cut in” rails were specified for supporting duct runs on the roof. When non-penetrating rooftop supports were recommended as an alternative the Ephrata School Board didn’t waste any time approving the change. Their roof situation was bad…

Buying Rectangular Duct

In the market for HVAC duct? Next time you or your company are looking to buy rectangular duct for commercial or industrial installation, consider your sources. You have several options, two of which are dedicated manufacturers of rectangular duct or mechanical contractors selling duct to other contractors. All rectangular duct is not equal. Jim Addington, President of Mechanical Solutions, located in Richmond, VA changed the former Interbake Foods, Inc., to what is now the Cookie Factory Lofts, a 240,000sf apartment…