MentalityA Manufacturer Mentality

In the construction industry, dependable suppliers can help assure the success of your project. MKT strives to be your ally in the industry as you battle hot temperatures and tight project schedules!

What is the Manufacturer Mentality?

  • Consistency – During the busy season, some providers flounder leaving product quality and pricing to fluctuate. Understanding the industry, MKT has processes and standards set in place to offer consistent product quality and pricing throughout the entire year.
  • Capacity – With a large production team and a 85,000 sq. ft. facility, MKT has the ability to handle small to large scale projects with timeliness and quality.
  • Product Concentration – Many providers attempt to offer a vast range of products or services across many industries. When trying to master the art of several trades, quality and knowledge can become diluted. MKT focuses on a specific HVAC product range avoiding the distraction of too much diversification.
  • Equal Supplier – all projects are treated equally with the same quality and service. No project comes before yours!

MKT aspires to be a reliable source for your HVAC needs. Help assure the success of your projects by partnering with a supplier who has the Manufacturer Mentality!

Check out this video about MKT’s operations!