MKT Fabric Duct

Fabric Duct

MKT represents a premium line of fabric duct to be used in applications where
suited such a food manufacturing, greenhouses, gymnasiums, natatoriums, and temporary structures/applications.

Benefits of Fabric Duct:

  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Flexible and versatile
  • CFM options to optimize air flow



Types of Diffusion


The Principle

Low-speed air dispersion (0.2 to 1 m per sec.) through a porous fabric surface.


– Short air-dispersion range from 2 to 4 m.
– Comfort (no or very little draught).


The Principle

Medium or high-speed air dispersion (from 2 to 7 m per sec.) through woven wire strips.


– Air-dispersion range from 3 to 8.
– Less diffusers required for the area.


The Principle

Medium or high-speed air dispersion via calibrated openings (from 8 to 30 m per sec.).


– Air-dispersion range from 4 to 30 m.
– Ideal for use with reversible units, even with high temperature gradients.

Hermetic (non-diffusing)

The Principle

Diffusers for transporting air.


– Sounds are damped.
– Minimum support structures are required.


circularCircular Conduits

They are privileged whenever allowed by ceiling heights.

semi-circularSemi-circular conduits

They are laid flat against the ceiling using a system of PVC profiles and are mainly used in comfort air-conditioning.

They may be recommended when ceiling heights are limited. The saving in space when compared with circular ducting with an equivalent airflow is evaluated at 40%.

quarter-circularQuarter-circular conduits

These conduits are fixed at ceiling / wall junction points when fitted horizontally or at wall corners when fitted vertically.

Suspension Systems

Cables (Galvanized/Stainless)

Rail (Aluminum Twist’n Fix)

Profile (PVC)

Miscellaneous Supports




Wide range of standard colors and special orders can be made in non-standard colors.

Personalized Touch

Thanks to the new printing technologies available at present, personalized marking can now be provided: A printed logo or a visual of your choice. In this way, textile ducting becomes a media for promoting your brand image!


  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC Coatings
  • Clean Room Fabrics
  • Flame Safe M1
  • Fire Guard M0