Delaware State UniversityWeatherguard Delaware State

The Delaware State University project was a rooftop duct renovation for a portion of the campus’s dining and housing halls. The contractor elected to utilize MKT’s Weatherguard® Duct Systems for several reasons including the weatherized exterior, antimicrobial inner wall, and easy pre-manufactured installation.

As a pre-manufactured system, Weatherguard arrives complete to the jobsite. No additional cladding or covering is needed! The contractor was extremely impressed with the ease and simplicity of the installation. After installing Weatherguard, the Foreman of the project stated:

“In my 30+ years of experience, that was the smoothest and quickest rooftop duct installation complete with insulation that I have ever done by far.”

– Foreman of Delaware State University Project 

Along with praising the Weatherguard project, he also went on to praise the MKT Team for their customer service and communication. He also stated:

“Please pass along my huge appreciation to the MKT Team for delivering the duct ahead of schedule and delivering a great product!” 

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