Dominion Hospital

Weatherguard® Duct Systems – The Value of V.E.dominion hospital

After taking a project for the Dominion Hospital in Falls Church, VA, Jerry Burch, Project Manager of Mabry’s HVAC Services, came to MKT looking to cut project costs without sacrificing quality. After MKT submitted the Weatherguard® Duct System as a V.E., Jerry was able to reduce time and labor costs in both duct and rail production/installation with Weatherguard’s turnkey system and MIRO’s non-penetrating rooftop supports. After final delivery, Jerry Burch was extremely satisfied with the Weatherguard® system! Jerry exclaimed:


“…the general contractor, the hospital (owner) and the design firm, all absolutely love the look that Weatherguard and MIRO did for the job.  The MIRO duct supports really show well against existing “DIY” supports used on other systems.  We went into this project very aggressively.  The time savings from using Weatherguard helped us maintain our profitability.  We’d definitely use these products again.” – Jerry Burch,  Mabry’s HVAC Services


Consider the value of V.E. and Weatherguard® Duct Systems on your next project!

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