Rectangular Duct


Rectangular Duct and Fittings

MKT products are fabricated to meet or exceed 3rd edition 2005 SMACNA Standards. MKT standardizes most rectangular duct construction
with USA mill-stamped, G90 galvanized steel. We not only meet requirements set by the state and federal entities, but our highest standards are held
by our own quality control guidelines.

Gauges: 26 – ¼” mild steel, 26 – 1/8” stainless steel
Material: Galvanized, Galvanneal, Black Iron, specialty coated
Sizes: Approx. 5 ft. joints (size differs based on roll forming capabilities)
Seams: Longitudinal weld, Pittsburgh, Snap Lock

Connection Types



  • Quick field assembly, pre-assembly available
  • Higher leakage resistance
  • Medium to high pressure systems
  • Typical Applications: Light to heavy commerical

Slip & Drive

  • Field Assembly
  • Requires sealing after installation
  • Low to medium pressure systems
  • Typical Applications: Light commercial, multi-family

Slide-On Flange

Slide-On Flange

  • Mechanically fastened
  • Additional time & materials
  • Fabricated to size
  • Low to medium pressure systems
  • Typical Applications: Light commerical, multi-family



  • Butt, Flange, and Raw
  • Inside/outside flange
  • Lap welded
  • High pressure systems
  • Typical Applications: Industrial, Grease Duct, Collection Systems, Laboratory