MKT’s estimating services provide accurate and transparent pricing on bid day. MKT’s dedicated and knowledgeable inside sales team interprets and follows all specifications and provides the full sheet metal scope of work. Whether rectangular, round, or spiral duct, you can trust your estimates to include all sheet metal components from the unit connection to the flex duct. The MKT inside sales team communicates directly with the customer and/or engineer to ensure correctness and offer value engineering concepts when applicable. Along with transparent pricing, MKT holds and honors their price (unless changes occur). No background costs or surprises!

The MKT Advantage: (Download Contact List)

– The MKT team interprets and follows all specifications, fabrication sheets, and drawings.

– Full scope of work will include all rigid sheet metal duct, delivery, and manual dampers installed.

– Direct communication with customer and/or engineer from beginning to end of quote process.

– Holds and honors proposal pricing, no additional costs or charges unless changes occur.

– Tight budget? Engage the MKT Team on alternates and value-added services.