SPIRAmir®  gasketed is a patented product and represents a unique and convenient way of joining spiral duct and fittings. SPIRAmir® self-sealing spiral duct system uses O-Ring gasket. This gasket rotates easily between two grooves placed on the SPIRAmir® fittings. The first groove is the initial place of the O-Ring. When a fitting is inserted into the spiral duct, the O-Ring gasket rotates and moves over the teeth from the first groove to the final groove. The rotation of the O-Ring moves the pipe over the fitting.

SPIRAmir® Sealed Spiral System

  • SPIRAmir® fittings are fitted with a removable O-ring gasket.
  • Can be taken apart easily after connections have been made.
  • Far exceed SMACNA’s medium pressure/high-velocity requirements.
  • SPIRAmir® O-Ring is made from EPDM sponge rubber cord and is resistant to ozone, sunlight, weathering, aging, temperature fluctuations.
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Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure the spiral pipe or large end fitting is pushed all the way over and up to the bead of the small end fitting.
  2. Secure the slip connection together by using 1/8″ sheet metal screws or rivets.
  3. Place the screws or rivets 1-1 /2″ from the edge of the pipe or the large end fitting to avoid cutting into the O-ring gasket.
  4. Insert the sheet metal screws or rivets by using the sequence show to the right.