Pre-construction coordination has become a key element in today’s construction. In order to maximize useable space for the owner, the space left for trades such as sheet metal, mechanical pipe, equipment, plumbing, electrical, fire protection and other services need to fit into minimal space. 3D Coordination allows all parties to see visually and plan the use of this space effectively. By resolving conflicts between trades prior to actual construction and highlighting areas of the design that may not allow enough space for services, both the owner and the contractor save time and money during actual construction.

The word “clash” has been a big buzzword in the industry. When we think of “clash” we think of duct work running through the fire system or pipes running through the electrical equipment. Identifying and fixing these issues ahead of time has been one of the best uses in technology. This can easily save a project hundreds and thousands of dollars and weeks of wasted time waiting for components to be constructed once again. Other types of clashes are missed changes in drawing sets and scheduling clashes—too many crew members in one area for size or duration. If situations like these aren’t addressed time and money is poured down the drain.

DJM Cad & Coordination Services is our channel partner in facilitating Coordination Drawings. They are a full Service 3D CAD and Full Coordination Modeling firm. Specializing in 3D BIM Compatible models for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Architecture and Structure, DJM can provided you with a full range of services available nationwide. Contact them directly to see if they can help your project.

By organizing your Coordination, MKT can originate a model-based schedule that supports fabrication and procurement activities. Coordination resolution has been documented to cut the clash detection cycles by 40%*, leaving more time to develop shop drawings and prefabricate more components off-site, leaving more time to optimize the flow of crews on-site.

If your job doesn’t require intense Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing (MEP) systems, MKT can make a Shop Drawing specific for your job. MKT has over 75 years of experience and is accustom to reading, interpreting and producing Shop Drawings.

* resource by Don Henrich