About Agion®

  • Epoxy base is able to resist stains from materials that would otherwise stain stainless
  • Substrate is domestic G90 galvanized steel, easier on shop equipment than stainless
  • An economical alternative to stainless steel, in certain applications
  • U.S. domestically produced product, much of stainless used today is imported from overseas.
  • Suppresses the growth of molds, mildews, and microbes. Stainless steel may be corrosion resistant, BUT organisms can still grow on its surface

*MKT offers East Coast Representation of Agion*

Agion Information

Download the 10 Year Analysis Stainless Steel vs. Agion® Agion® Marketing Literature



Agion Specifications


Coil-Coated Paint System

Coating Type Solvent-Based Epoxy
Surface Preparation None
Coating Application Roll-coating technology at coil-coating facility
Coating thickness 0.1 to 0.2 mils (uniform)
Coating cure time None
Coating hardness 2H min
Temperature limits 0 to 350°F
Coating VOC off-gassing Negligible
Flame and smoke spread UL Standard 723 (ASTM E84) Essentially zero
Agency approvals EPA, FDA, NFS (Agion® compound)