Copper Duct Copper Duct – Worth Every Penny

Tracing back to the Ancient Egyptians, precious metals such as copper and silver have been used for centuries. Offering antimicrobial qualities, these precious metals were utilized in a variety of fields. From medical equipment to technology, copper and silver continue to be nature’s antimicrobial.

Along with Agion® antimicrobial coated metal, MKT also offers Copper Spiral Duct. Although a more expensive alternative to Agion® coated duct, Copper offers the same antimicrobial properties by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. Similar to Agion®, Copper is also corrosion resistant. Unlike metals that may corrode over time, Copper duct systems provide longevity. Lastly, Copper is beautiful! If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing system to enhance your design, Cooper duct is certainly one of the best! Looking for a beautiful duct system that resists corrosion and microbial growth, consider using Copper duct in your next design!

Check out photos of MKT’s Copper Spiral Duct.