Making the Right Connections

In the construction/HVAC industry, labor costs can be the determining factor of project profit or loss. While some profit determinants can be unpredictable or uncontrollable, making informed decisions can help minimize the risk.

One of the controllable factors to consider is duct connections. With a variety of duct connection systems, making the right connection can save time and labor. MKT offers a variety of alternative connection types including barrel clamps and SPIRAmir® gasket. Offering consistent seals and labor savings, consider these alternatives to traditional duct connections.

Barrel ClampBarrel Clamp Connection:

– Pre-gasketed – reduces labor and materials cost.

– Band connection – consistent seal around the entire face of the flange, no pitch points.

– Labor savings – reduces time and labor per connection.


SPIRAmirSPIRAmir® Gasketed System: 

– “O-ring” gasket – rolling “O-Ring” consistently seals the connection.

– Adjustability – can be removed or adjusted without damaging the flange.

– Aesthetically pleasing – no need for sealing the outside of the duct, cleaner connection.

– Labor savings – reduce time and labor per connection.



Check out these videos to learn more about MKT’s alternative systems: