Agion® Anti-microbial

Weatherguard® Duct Systems – Educational Institution Applications

Clean Air for College Students

Lebanon Valley College choose Weatherguard® Duct Systems because of the clean air. For a normal ceiling duct run, dust and dirt can collect on the surface and eventually travel into the air or fall onto other surfaces. Not only could dust and dirt collect outside, but unprotected duct could also lead to microbial growth on the inside the duct. Weatherguard® offers a solution in reducing possible microbial growth. bacteria-clipartWeatherguard® can offer an Agion® Anti-microbial inner wall to include in the duct system.  Agion® anti-microbial is an epoxy coating containing silver ions that activate and eat any microbial growth it comes in contact with. Since Agion® utilizes silver ionic exchange instead of a chemical based coating, the air conveyed through Weatherguard® is not only clean, but safe. Agion® is baked on and mill-applied to be a consistent thickness that improves the efficiency of the coating.

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Agion® Anti-microbial